How to : fill DV lottery online for free instructions with photo tool

How to : fill DV lottery online for free instructions with photo tool

2012-10-12 Every year right after DV (Diversity VIsa) application opens, US embassy recommends all applicants to fill it by their them self, however we always see big boards on nearly every photo studio and cyber cafe advertising E-DV, and a lot of people do fill it through those shops. 

Filling up DV form is very easy, and does not require money or  credit card.
DV भर्दा कुनै किसिमको पैसा / क्रेडिट कार्ड चाहिदैन |

What you will need.
  1. Digital camera / Mobile phone for digital photo
  2. Computer with internet connection
  3. Your birthday And birth address
  4. Your contact address.

Before you begin:
  1. Read Official Instructions
         Its highly recommended to read official instructions published by US government. Instructions are available in both English and Nepali. Click on the links below to download.
    English Instructions         Nepali instructions

  2. Capture Your Photo
        You can use digital camera / mobile to capture your photo. Make sure your capture device can produce clear pictures with no noise. If your capture device has software enhancement property disable it.
    For good photo follow following instructions

    Wear your everyday clothing and hairstyle. This is not the time to get creative or try that new electric green eyeshadow. Uniforms and costumes are unacceptable, unless they're worn daily for religious reasons.

    No electronics can be in the photo, so take of your headphones, Bluetooth devices, and 3D glasses before hitting the shutter.

    Hats, sunglasses, and tinted glasses are forbidden.
    Pose with a neutral face. A smile or straight face are OK, but no goofy expressions!

    for more details on  photo requirements please visit official US Government dvlottery website.

    Get yourself in front of a white or cream-colored background, like a wall. Then, with the help of a friend, adjust the lighting so that there aren't any shadows or glare on your face or around your head and body. This could mean getting near natural daylight, or turning on/off household lights.

  3. Edit your Photo.
        DV lottery application requires very specific photo format. 
    You may use a tool below made by US Department of State to crop your photo.

After you complete all of the instructions above goto then fill up your details.